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The Apps We Use

Rule #9; Always use the right tool for the job

Juan Cortez

You have no doubt wondered which applications do what, and which ones you need. The following list should help you know which tools are useful for which job. Not all of the tools are required, but I am listing all of the ones that I am using (and maybe the rest of the team will add some new ones so I can say "we" with proper context)


Dev Utils


  • Slack (like Discord, but more hipster-businessy)
  • Discord (like Slack, but more free and usually comes out with useful features first)
  • Teams (Communication... the way Microsoft wants it)
  • Rectangle (Window management, placement, and snapping)
  • Bear (One of the best ways to take notes on iOS/macOS)
  • Todoist (Todo list and kanban board for you and/or your team)


  • OneDrive (most affordable online storage solution)
  • Dropbox (the other 'not Google' online storage service)
  • Sip (Design much? this little system eye-dropper is quite convenient)
  • Synk (Websec/vulnerability)
  • Vetur (If you use Vue, this might help)
  • ENV (.env format/highlighter)
  • ESLint (JavaScript goodness checker)
  • GitLens (See how committed what and where - git awesomeizer)
  • Peacock (Auto-theme your windows based on color)
  • YAML (YAML format/highlighter)